Premium Current Account

A premium account tailor-made to suit  your needs

The Premium Current Account is a prestigious cheque account tailor-made to allow you to control your finances, as well as conduct payments by cheque.

What does the Premium Current Account offer me?

  • You can open your account in a currency that suits you i.e. TZS /  USD / EUR / GBP
  • You earn a higher interest rate on your monthly average balance and have it paid out monthly
  • You will have the convenience of a higher daily ATM cash withdrawal limit
  • Gives you the convenience of making payments by cheque or ATM card , so you no longer have to carry cash around
  • Have access to your funds or account from wherever your are through our  international card  membership
  • You can choose to have your ATM cards denominated in either the TZS or USD currency.
  • You'll receive a free monthly statement, which means you'll always stay up to date with your account.
  • You have the option to choose the frequency within which you will receive your bank statement e.g.  daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly
  • You have the option to choose how you want to receive your bank statement  e.g. delivery at your door step, collection by yourself from the bank, posting or e-mail
  • You will benefit from concessionary rates or prices negotiated through our strategic alliances with other Retailers.
  • You get free local transfers (EFT only) and balance enquiries, allowing you to save more
  • Funds transfers within BancABC will be done free of charge
  • Personalised services from a dedicated Relationship Officer, so you'll be looked after, at all times

To Apply for Premium Current Account

Simply bring the following to any of our branches:

  • Two colored current passport sized photos
  • Proof of Identification i.e.  Valid Passport/ voter' ID/ Driving License or National ID.
  • Proof of current residential Address i.e. utility bill/ Local Government letter/ Valid lease agreement or a letter from an advocate confirming residential address
  • Source of Fund/Income proof i.e. salary slip or fill our bank forms
  • For non-citizen but resident you must bring a valid passport and work permit or residential permit (Any that is applicable)
  • An initial and operating balance of TZS 10,000 / USD 50 / EUR 50 / GBP 50


Income Declaration Form

KYC Draft Review Form Club - Society - Association

KYC Draft Review Form Foreign Entity

KYC Draft Review Form Individual foreign-nonresident Tanzania

KYC Draft Review Form Individual foreign-resident Tanzania

KYC Draft Review Form Individual Local National Tanzania

KYC Draft Review Form Local Entity

KYC Draft Review Form Partnership

KYC Draft Review Form Sole Proprietor

KYC Draft Review Form Trusts




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