What is BancABC Visa Cash Card?

BancABC Visa Cash Card is a reloadable pre-paid card that eliminates the inconveniences & insecurity of carrying cash around. You don't have to be a BancABC account holder to have one.

What are the benefits?

  • You have 24/7 access to your account anywhere; over 400 Visa branded ATM's in Tanzania & over 1.3 million VISA branded ATM's worldwide.
  • You can do purchases from Over 1000 VISA merchant outlets in Tanzania & over 35 million VISA merchant retail outlets worldwide.
  • Easy to get one.
  • Can be issued instantly.
  • Reloadable with immediate access.
  • Easy cash loading.
  • On-line purchase over the internet.
  • Controls your spending (you spend what you have on the card).
  • Security and comfort through CHIP and PIN eliminating skimming and fraudulent usage.
  • Refundable & replaceable once lost/stolen.
  • Can be used as a gift.

Who can use the card?

  • Both BancABC customers & non-customers
  • Companies - for wages & per diem payouts
  • Parents - for student's pocket money/living expenses. Excellent for financial training
  • Pension funds & Insurance companies - for benefits payouts
  • Tour operators - for payments of tourist park fees
  • Government - for grants & loan payouts

How do I get one?

Bring any one of the following together with a completed short & simple application form


  • Voter ID / New Driving Licence / Valid Passport


  • Valid Passport and residence permit


Upanga - Tel 255 22 2121537, 2121538, 2121539

Kariakoo - Tel 255 22 2180212, 2180182, 2180108

Quality Centre - Tel 255 22 2865904-910

Arusha - Tel 255 27 2546390

Click here to download application form


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